Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2013: Inauguration

Inauguration Video

Shri Narendra Modi Speaking on Trade Show.

Shri Narendra Modi inaugurates Global Trade Fair 2013

Spread across 1 lakh square meters, the fair will see participation by over 1000 companies. Over 25,000 products will be on display. There are 13 domes, 14 exclusive pavilions and over 1000 stalls

Shri Modi invites people to participate in the Kumbh Mela of development taking place on the banks of the Sabarmati

Efforts of this trade fair not only restricted to promote trade but also to have a positive effect on future generations: Shri Modi

When a thought is institutionalized, its credibility is built. From 2003 we evolved the concept of this summit. We started with a small exhibition at the Sanskar Kendra of Ahmedabad’s Tagore Hall and seeing the entire exhibition took 15 minutes. See today we have reached from where to where: Shri Modi

The initiatives of Gujarat are not restricted to our state only. Many states are doing similar things to attract investment. Our efforts have become a trend setter in this regard: CM

This platform offers a unique opportunity (to various stakeholders) not only to showcase their innovations, products and services to a large gathering of Indian and global delegates but also allows to have meaningful business-to-business interactions resulting in serious business and trade opportunities: Shri Modi

Gujarat Government got a request for a special stall for women and the Government has made special arrangements to give a strong boost to women entrepreneurs: Shri Modi

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